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Heart Matrix H2O® Vibrational Healing Essences

Enhance your wellbeing
through the power
of water


Heart Matrix H2O® was created by Heather Jean using filtered structured water, vibrationally purified and enhanced through sound and light code frequencies and filtered through a high-quality rose quartz.


The water crystals bond together in spectacularly beautiful shapes that hold energy and can more easily move into the cells of the body and bring forth a higher level of consciousness. The result is exceptionally pure, living water holding incredible benefits to complement regular spiritual practice encompassing love and gratitude to encourage  self-healing.

Through the unique infusion of vibration and healing energy, along with a daily self-love practice, Heart Matrix H2O® transports the seeds of higher consciousness to areas within your body for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Together, the practice can transform past conditioning by reminding the cells of the body of the ‘one’ light or essence in which they are born, which helps bring balance to mind, body and spirit.

Affirmations are an integral part of using Heart Matrix H2O® waters. Through honouring the water with love and gratitude in your heart, the healing effect for your body is greatly enhanced. Over time you will start to build a relationship with the spirit of the water, and begin to connect with the relationship of the living waters within your body. The magic of living healing  waters is that just a few drops disseminates enough energy to change every other water molecule in your body.

Heart Matrix H2O® brings together the physical and the spiritual into perfect cohesion to offer your body the optimal space to heal from past trauma, physical ailments or mental unease. By simply carving out a little time each day for your love and gratitude practice with your Heart Matrix H2O® ritual, you can set forth a chain of positive effects on your entire health and wellbeing. Creating a daily spiritual practice with your Heart Matrix H20® Vibrational Healing Essences will build strength in your inner core to be able to deal with the everyday stresses in life with grace and ease.


  • Bring love and healing frequencies to your physical body
  • Cleanse the body of past conditioning
  • Facilitate spiritual healing
  • Amplify the consciousness of love through gratitude in the body
  • Bring awareness to the power you have within to heal your mind, body and soul
  • Strengthen the connection between your body, soul and spirit
  • Ignite and amplify the memory of oneness living through the heart
  • Cleanse the chakras and energy systems
  • Bring balance to the mind, body and emotions

Crystallisation patterns in water

Research from the late Dr Masaru Emoto is a fascinating look into the power of water. Dr Emoto was a Japanese researcher who became renowned for investigating crystallisation patterns in frozen water. By using high-speed photography and specialised microscopic equipment, Dr Emoto photographed water droplets after they had been exposed to various ‘human’ interactions and noted how the shapes changed dramatically. Water that had been spoken to harshly developed crystallisation patterns that were un-aesthetically pleasing, whereas water exposed to love and gratitude took on a more symmetrical, snowflake-like appearance. This finding was groundbreaking across the scientific, environmental and spiritual realms, as it showed how powerful words and emotions can be on living molecules. As the human body is over 70% water and the earth 75% water, Dr Emoto’s work showcased how fostering love and gratitude is not only beneficial to our well-being, but it has long-reaching implications for the health of our planet too.

Heart Matrix H2O® is available for each of the seven chakras

Chakra (Cakra in Sanskrit) means “wheel” and refers to the energy centre of the body. Each spinning disk (energy centre) supplies energy to the systems and major organs of our body including other areas of our energetic body that affect our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. To maintain health and wellbeing it is important to cleanse and energise your chakras and energy systems daily to assist with finding balance, peace, and joy within.

Together with correct meditation practices Heart Matrix H20 ® Vibrational Healing Essences can assist with this process.  

Heart Matrix H20® Love and Gratitude Meditation Journal also available to complement your journey.

Custom Heart Matrix H2O® Vibrational Healing Essences Especially designed for you with love

Channelled specifically for you, the custom made Heart Matrix H2O® Vibrational Healing Essences are designed to address a specific priority healing ailment within the mind, body or emotions. Your personal healing waters are designed after a private online consultation with Heart Matrix H20® creator, Heather Jean.

During your 1.5hr consultation, you will receive healing and channelled messages to assist you on your journey of transformation to greater health, wealth, self-love, peace and happiness. After your session, your personal Heart Matrix H2O ® Vibrational Healing Waters can be introduced into your day as needed.

Your initial consultation will be 1.5hrs which will include in-depth discussion of your needs and a healing session. You will also receive any channelled messages that come through during this time to assist you on your healing journey of transformation to greater health, wealth, self-love, peace and happiness.

After the session, your formula is created through a divinely orchestrated process and mailed to you directly with further details.

Heart Matrix H2O® Testimonial