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Heart Matrix®

Walking the Path of the Heart

6 month spiritual mentoring program

Journey into your heart and begin living your Truth

Is it time for you to live free of societal conditioning, and instead live from your Soul’s higher power, wisdom and love?

Authority figures – parents, teachers, and governments – have long told us what to do and how to live from the ‘logical’ perspective of the mind. From the viewpoint of limited consciousness, survival is paramount in a world that destroys itself over and over again.


Right now, this destruction is evident everywhere, and we are awakening to the fact that our conditioning keeps us in a pattern of damage and separation from our heart’s wisdom and Universal Consciousness, Creator and Creation. We need a new way of living.


The mind can only recreate what it has seen before, but the Heart can create a new, using the intelligence of Creation herself. That is why it is so important to re-establish the connection with our Hearts, which are the gateways to our Higher Power. Living, deciding, and creating from the heart rather than the mind is a reversal of the way we have been taught to live and process life, but it is the only way we can create a new and sustainable world founded on love.


It is this way of living from the heart that I would like to share with you, a way received directly from the Divine Mother and shared with you in direct relevance to your life. It is a way to move through fear, grief and suffering with the simplicity and intelligence of the heart, opening up to a life you never could have dreamed of!


Each one of us is the solution we have been looking for to live more peaceful, harmonious lives. Each time you choose the way of the heart over fear you become stronger in your true self. You will build trust again in your heart’s consciousness, experience Soul rebirth and integration, and align with the synchronistic events destined for you to live your full potential.


In the sacred union of mind and heart, we are brought to a place where we can live the purpose our soul has come here to experience. 


Awaken your Heart, heal spiritual and energetic wounds, clear blocked emotion and old thought patterns of energy that are preventing you from living your full potential and align with Unconditional Love and Divine Will.


Enrolments for 2024 are open!


Awaken the Heart Matrix: Walking the path of the Heart

Over this 6-month mentorship program, rebirth your Soul and learn to live from a place of Love and Freedom instead of fear. Not only will you experience transformation, healing and freedom, you will learn how to embed deep spiritual practice into your life, maintain the teachings and changes you experience, and receive channelled teachings and coaching from the Divine Mother through Heather Jean.


After the Rebirth process, you can choose to continue your inner spiritual studies with a further 6 months of advanced spiritual development in Heart Matrix: Sacred Union with the Soul and Heart Matrix: Co–Creation.


This journey will change the way you relate to others and to life, creating stronger, healthier, interdependent relationships with others, but most importantly deepening the relationship with your heart and Higher Self.

  • Structure:

    6 months mentorship with 12x live online classes held every 2 weeks.

    Online class dates:

    Starting on March 5th and continuing every other Tuesday evening until August 6th.

    Class time:

    6.30pm — 7.30pm AWST


    Early Bird Special: $5500 for enrolments by 11 February 2024 / Full price: $6600

    Yes! Empowerment Payment Plan Available.

    Book a FREE discovery call.

    •  12x live classes with Heather Jean, held every 2 weeks over 6 months. Receive teachings, energy work, activations, and mentorship from Heather, and support from your small group class.
    • Personal mentoring via email to assist with any questions about integrating the teachings into your life. (Available days to be advised upon registration)
    • 12x PDF workshop notes with home practice sessions
    • Channelled Heart Chakra Activations with the Divine Mother and Heart Chakra Healing
    • Divine Feminine teachings to activate your soul embodiment
    • 6x MP3 Channelled Meditations to assist with your meditation practice
    • Guided spiritual practices to access your Higher Consciousness
    • Exclusive membership to an online forum and community connection

You will

  • Let go of old conditioned identities and align with the identity of your soul
  • Relearn what true Self Love looks and feels like
  • Unpack your fears that are stopping you from feeling freedom within yourself
  • Unpack the fears stopping you from feeling freedom within yourself
  • Learn how use loving boundaries and create a place of safety while you process your own grief, anger and shadow aspects with unconditional love and compassion
  • Come back again to a place of Sacred Union within your heart
  • Learn how to communicate with an open heart
  • Learn about the cycles and rhythms of the heart

Prepare the ground for spiritual rebirth; discover what your Soul is here to experience!

  • Journey into the mysteries of the unknown
  • Begin to create from a place of the unknown
  • Learn about your connection to your Heart, Soul, and the Cosmic Heart
  • Receive light code activations of Higher Consciousness, awakening the intelligence of your heart
  • Receive spiritual practices in breath, awareness, and meditations to strengthen the connection to your Heart, Soul and God/Universe/Creator/Creation
  • Stabilise the body in the frequencies of the soul
  • Reclaim your empowerment
  • Reclaim your inner authority
And so much more

May the music of our hearts dance the life they were born to lead

– Heather Jean

Frequently Asked Questions

Heart Matrix

Travelling deeper into the matrix of my heart
I fall into an eternal opening that takes me through galaxies of light and stars
I see where lines within my heart have been broken and fill them with golden light making them stronger than ever before
My heart forever healed from the past struggle and trauma that life brings in the state of illusionary love.
I continue to travel into the light, bliss my only companion and dissolve into who I AM
I remember I AM the love I have been searching for.